3CX Cloud SBC

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AustenTel has developed a Cloud SBC for 3CX and works well on other platforms like Cisco. Our team has spent three years developing this solution for 3CX. We are a 3CX Platinum Partner and host around 3500 extensions for multiple schools, cities and business in Texas. We built the platform for our own use, but have since decided to release it to other 3CX partners that want a solution that requires no on premise solution, like 3CX SBC on a Raspberry PII.

This Cloud SBC allows you to provision your endpoints to your 3CX on any Cloud platform, including 3CX’s hosted platform. We are currently developing a WebUI so that there will be some statistics and feedback from you endpoints. This should be on our site in the second quarter of 2022. In the meantime we can still provision your extensions and you will be amazed at the quality of the calls and easy provisioning.

We also offer 3CX support and hosting for your 3CX server that includes our Cloud SBC in the hosting package. We will give you the greatest support and service for 3CX. We have been configuring 3CX and troubleshooting 3CX for partners and customers for many years. There is pretty much nothing we have not seen or can’t handle when it comes to 3CX support.

AustenTel Hosted Voice and Cloud SBC

So if you are planning on deploying 3CX in an Enterprise manner you should consider hosting AustenTel Hosting. Our SBC has no limitations on the amount of extensions, BLF’s, or concurrent calls. In short we have invested a lot of time and money in our SBC. Thanks for reading see you soon!



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