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So when I first started working with 3CX back in version 12 I believe we had a single “Multi-Tenant” version of 3CX on a Windows Server 2008R2 box. Had to open up separate ports for every client it worked but management was tough! I am a Data Center Architect by trade and it was rough so I can’t imagine what a layman user did!

We have since graduated those days, 3CX is now hosted in our Data Center in Dallas Texas on a VMware vSAN cluster, Cisco Nexus Network Infrastructure, Palo alto Firewalls and a healthy ISP with two Gigabit DIA connections. Since 3CX does very well on Debian we deploy a seperate server for each client. We have had very good success with the Linux Distro’s of 3CX, very stable and they are purpose built for 3CX.

I have blogged about deploying 3CX on Azure a couple of times. I still have issues with going to Azure with 3CX, Azure is so cryptic about their pricing and for us as a 3CX Hosted Provider we have to get our costs down so we know exactly what we are paying every month. I would say for a small business that Azure costs for 3CX would be extremely affordable. The problem is support, when voice services go down then businesses lose money.

Support is key to our 3CX deployments, when you download the free version of 3CX or buy a license there are certain “requirements” that must be in place. No custom templates, supported SIP trunk, LAN or 3CX’s SBC. The 3CX support crew is great, every interaction we have with them has been outstanding. We almost never call 3CX support unless there is a bug issue which rarely happens. We have been deploying and servicing 3CX for 5 years so typically we don’t run into something we can’t handle ourselves.

If you find yourself lost when you deploy 3CX or you need support please call us, we will help you. We offer support contracts for 3CX at a very reasonable rate. If you broke it we can fix it, if you need your questions answered we can do that too!



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