Cloud PBX vs Hosted PBX…There Is a Difference

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Cloud PBX, the New Buzzword

Cloud PBX is the new buzzword in our industry.  It’s very interesting to see marketing effect, the Hosted PBX term is on the decline, however most companies are actually looking for the ease of use that “Hosted” provides them. “Cloud PBX” is more often than not, a lot more time and effort when it comes to a PBX deployment.

The Cloud buzzword has become more commonplace with all types of services, including PBX. On demand cloud: AWS, Azure, Rackspace and many others created the marketing term “Cloud”. Practically, “Cloud” refers to on demand infrastructure as a service. When thinking of this in terms of hosting a PBX, bringing the server resources online at will is all your getting with the cloud. With a Hosted PBX solution, the provider (such as Austen Consultants) brings the server online, configures the PBX, dials in the networking, and in our case, can analyze and optimize your local network. I’m not objecting to the “Cloud” business model, simply pointing out the difference between Cloud PBX and Hosted PBX services.

Cloud Services Have a Place

You can obviously leverage Cloud services to for multiple reasons. Pay as you go services are very popular, the premise is that you can spin up a server and use it immediately to offer just about any service you can think of. One of my first posts was, “Is 3CX cloud ready for Azure?” At the time of that blog post it wasn’t ready, however 3CX has adapted their model to make it ready for Azure. These things usually sound good in theory, but it’s not always necessarily the way it pans out in reality.

Going Into More Detail

So let’s go into more detail about the blog title: “Cloud PBX vs Hosted PBX…There Is a Difference”. What does that really mean? In my humble opinion it comes down to reality. Can you put a PBX, using 3CX in the Cloud, absolutely. Then why would I pay to have my PBX Hosted? Well, let me tell you why. Are you going to call Microsoft and get support for your PBX? Who is going to be responsible when voice quality suffers? If you have ever been on a support call with a PBX vendor or Microsoft I can tell you it’s never their fault, it’s always the other guy.

What Do You Really Get?

What do you get by using a Hosted PBX provider like Austen Consultants? The first thing you get is amazing support. You don’t get stuck in a dial tree from some offshore support firm that you can’t even understand. We take ownership of your problems, your issues are our issues. We support our customers and make sure they are 100% satisfied no matter what. Sometimes the cheapest way is not always the path of least resistance.

We stay up on the weekends, at night to make sure that updates are completed and that your PBX works correctly. We are innovative; always searching for ways to improve on our technology. We are here to create strong, long term relationships with our customers and we strive everyday to improve our systems so you can leverage technology to improve your sales and increase your bottom line.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Hosting your PBX is not even comparable to Cloud PBX. With Cloud PBX you get a portal and a good luck! We conduct site surveys, analyze your network gear, firewall and phones. We consider all aspects of the involved systems and design a business phone system to fit your specific business needs. Our engineers treat each customer as unique and ensure that your business is benefitting from the solution.

I wanted to take time here today to make it clear that there is a difference between Cloud PBX and Hosted PBX. It is essential to show the difference because buzzwords like “Cloud” can become nightmares like thunderstorms. Today, your business needs a partner that is reliable, honest and strives everyday to exceed expectations. Austen Consultants is that partner.


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