It Has Been Awhile!

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Good afternoon! It has been awhile since I have posted anything, I figured I need to force myself to take some time to start writing again.

Everything has been going great at Austen Consultants, we have grown tremendously the last 3 years! We have really grown the K12 market with 3CX and now are hosting 3CX for 20 School Districts across Texas. We are a 3CX Platinum Partner and continue to grow with 3CX. Greg and Patrick from 3CX have been amazing to work with, 3CX has grown tremendously and is still a very large part of our business.

We have been involved in a few Ransomware incidents over the last year and ended up becoming a Palo Alto Networks Partner to help customers secure their environments. If you need any help with security please reach out to us! We have been there and done that! Consider getting Cyber Security insurance this has helped in many cases get customers up and running without going broke!

I will be trying to post as much as possible, hope you will enjoy! We are also starting a Youtube Channel for Austen Consultants, so we will have content on there soon as well!



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