Repurpose Cisco Phones to work with 3CX

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Give your Cisco phones a new life with 3CX


Since we have been deploying the 3CX platform over the last six months we have had success repurposing Cisco phones to the 3CX platform. We have a school district in north Texas that is in a proof of concept phase and currently has a Cisco phone system. We have helped him over the last three years upgrade his phone system, even though we ...

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3CX Installation on vCloud Air

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3CX on vCloud Air Probably Not


Welcome back for part two of 3CX in the cloud series. In part one I covered how 3CX functioned on Microsoft Azure. Today I will write about my experience installing the system on vCloud Air by vmWare. Again as a Hosted Voice company we were testing out 3CX on vCloud Air for our own selfishness. We wanted to see if we could host the 3CX Virtual ...

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3CX on Azure is the Cloud Ready for PBX?

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3CX on Azure Maybe the Standalone Version

As an entrepreneur in the IT Industry I am always looking for new opportunities in IT. Is 3CX on Azure one of those opportunities? Our company, Austen Consultants is always on the hunt for new streams of revenue. It became apparent that VOIP is finally becoming affordable for everyone; the competitors like Cisco and the days of a 50,000 dollar investment to obtain an Enterprise IP PBX are over.

We first came across 3CX while doing ...

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