Austen Consultants Hosted Desktop – VDI Solution

Citrix Hosted Desktops without the Capital Investment

Austen Consultants provides Hosted VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for companies small and large. Our desktops are built on the Citrix XenDesktop platform and we are a Citrix Certified Service provider. Citrix has pioneered and led the desktop virtualization and remote desktop delivery business since its inception. They have a very mature product and deliver a seamless experience on “Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime”. This means that with Austen Consultants’ Citrix Hosted Desktop solution you can access your data, desktops and applications as long as you have an internet connection from your smartphone, tablet, PC, chromebook, or even a thin client. Simply put, you can take your office anywhere you go. We offer a pay-as-you-go model and there are no upfront setup fees. Gone are the days of spending tens of thousands of dollars on IT Infrastructure: we do all the heavy lifting for you within our state of the are datacenters. We are your desktop team within the IT department!

Empower your mobile devices

Citrix Hosted Desktop Any Device

Smartphones and tablets are a great resource for keeping up with your business on the move. With these powerful mobile devices you’re able to do more and more work on the go, e.g. checking email, opening and documents. Occasionally you may find an app or two that actually allows you to work as efficiently as from a desktop computer. The fact is, our mobile devices aren’t yet ready to take over all the work application function we require to be as productive as we are on our laptop or desktop computers. It’s still hard to come by mobile applications that connect you to our work network and provide a seamless, productive experience. If you can find an application most of the time they are not compatible across all platforms that you use. You may have an iPhone and a Google Chromebook or an Android and a iPad, using applications across resources can be a huge problem. Using Austen Consultants’ hosted desktop solution powered by Citrix, we’ll meet and exceeds your expectations. The performance of our systems are simply amazing and just imagine being able to access all your applications, and documents from any location, any device, and do it all securely! Our Citrix hosted desktop solution gives you that ability and a lot more.

Free up your IT Staff and your Budget

Using the Citrix Hosted Desktop solution from Austen Consultants can give you and your budget peace of mind. Free your IT Staff to take care of more business critical applications like development and business intelligence. Our solution takes the worry out of keeping up with a complex infrastructure and buying servers, networking, storage and not to mention the man hours it takes to keep the infrastructure up to date. Here are a few key benefits;

  • No more Windows Updates – We keep servers and desktops patched to conform with the latest Microsoft best practice
  • Pay as you go – We offer month to month and long term contracts
  • No capital expense – Scale up, out or down depending on your needs. Do you have seasonal growth around the holidays or special events? We can handle that to.
  • 99.9% up time – We offer SLA agreements as needed insuring you are up and able to access your data
  • Pay for only what you consume – You will only be charged for the resources you consume, why waste time and money on valuable resources outside of business hours. We can setup your environment to be available to staff for 8 hours a day up to 24 and anything in between.
  • Connect from Any Device – Citrix supports thousands of devices, so you will always be connected from any device
  • Maintenance included – Your maintenance and support are built into the price, we keep your images up to date with the applications and desktops you need to deliver
  • Security – Lock down your desktops with security so your employees can be productive, or we can give you access to customize your desktop as you see fit
  • Deliver Applications – Do you want to just deliver applications without a desktop? We can host and deliver your apps to Any Device using Citrix.
  • Access– Using the Citrix NetScaler, we can provide you access to the hosted desktop from inside your network or from anywhere in the world.
  • Office 365 – We integrate your Office Professional Applications and email from Office 365. Use your OneDrive for Business and cut down on storage costs.

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